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53rd Biloela Eisteddfod Results - 2018

  • Dance
  • Speech and Drama
  • Music

Encouragement  Awards

Tanya Belousoff - Group selected by Adjudicator:

Rockhampton Academy of Dancing - Tiny Tots Group, 7 years/Under - FROGS


Aimee and Kaitlyn Tebby - any Duo or Trio selected by Adjudicator:

Ainsley Childs, Taylah Walker, Laura Peever - Tap Trio, 13 Years and Over


Dennis & Jill Reimer ‘Passion for Dance’ - selected by Adjudicator:  Sarah Kadel


Local Encouragement Award

Dennis & Jill Reimer ‘Passion for Dance’ - selected by Adjudicator

( residing or studying in Callide or Dawson Valleys): Najwa Adams-Ebel


Karla's Dance Collective - 7 years and Under:  Isla Bechaz

Karla's Dance Collective - 9 years and Under: Tiffany Snell

Karla's Dance Collective - 12 years and Under: Shana Millwood



Most Outstanding Routine (Solo, Duo, Trio or Group)


Centre de Danse Boutique: Aimee Jonsson-Harlacz, Contemporary Solo, 15 Years/Under


Bursaries - Highest Aggregate Points

Mrs Pat McVeigh Memorial Bursary to a Jazz or Modern Dancer 12-17 Years: Georgia Wall


Lions Club of Callide Valley Inc. Bursary to a Dancer 15 Years and Under: Georgia Wall


Highest Aggregate Points


Mrs Amanda Rose Group Routine for Group Aggregate over all Group Sections: En Pointe Dance Company


Perpetual Trophy

Sharon Wilson TAP Appreciation: : Halle Salisbury


Dawn Davis CLASSICAL BALLET Katarina Perkins


Local Encouragement  Awards

The Rodda Family Perpetual Trophy - Most Promising Junior Performer (under 12 Years)Isla Bechaz

Mrs Fiona Hayward Prize - Promising Senior Performer (12 Years/Over)Chloe Cusack

Velocity Computer Solutions - Promising Primary School Performer – Alyssa Maher
Velocity Computer Solutions-
Promising Secondary School Performer Najwa Adams-Ebel

Biloela Arts Council Award and Perpetual Trophy - Performer in the Mime SectionImogen Wright

Miss Kelly Nettle Memorial Perpetual Trophy - Most Entertaining Impromptu ItemHannah Rideout


Local Bursaries

The Rotary Club of Biloela Inc Outstanding Performer - Caitlyn Donohoe

Lions Club of the Callide Valley(Bille Brown Memorial)Award and Perpetual Trophy -Caitlyn Donohue
Tebby Sisters Performer's Award and Perpetual Trophy Hannah Rideout

Local Bursaries  - Highest Aggregate Points          

Thangool Amateur Players
8 Years/underNicholas Bulten
9 Years - Felicia Byrne
10 Years William Lees
11 YearsDylan Itzstein
12 YearsImogen Wright

Aggregate Perpetual Trophies

Miss Lindie Brengman (13 - 18 years ) Sophie Fraser

Miss Rebecca ClarkeDylan Itzstein



Local Encouragement Awards

Biloela Eisteddfod Society Inc. Vocalist (13 - 18 years)Grace Howard

Glady Davern Memorial (over 18 years)Natalie Stanley

Margaret Vaughan Memorial Perpetual Trophy - Promising VocalistArianna Hanson

The Kirwan Family Perpetual Trophy -Vocalist - Primary or Secondary William Lees (Primary)

Sullivan Sisters  - Musicians - Leah Johnston

Kerr Brothers - Instrumentalist - Noah Bongers

Biloela Branch of Music Teachers Association - Woodwind or Brass - Isabel Anderson

Biloela Branch of Music Teachers Association - Promising Pianist or String Player - Chloe Adams

Mrs Julie Setch - Pianist (13 years and Under) - Ben Cullen

Mrs Jennifer Pierce (nee Thompson) - Woodwind Player - Sophie Lipsys

Dr Kristy Richardson (nee Thompson) - Flautist -Teri List

2018 Accompanist Guild of Queensland - Accompanist Award -Benjamin Cullen

2018 Mr Mark Gibson Adjudicator - Pianist Musicianship Award - Lani Jensen

2018 Camerata, Queensland Chamber Orchestra - Primary String Player  - Ruby Johnston

2018 Camerata, Queensland Chamber Orchestra - Secondary String Player - Ben Heit


Local Bursaries


Biloela Eisteddfod Society Inc (Most Outstanding Instrumentalist and/or Vocalist)

  minimum age 15 Years and Over as at 31 December 2018 -   Katelyn Ninness (Instrumental)

Tebby Sisters - Instrumental or Vocalist (14 Years and Under)Nevindie Botheju

Mrs Debbie Louis Primary School William Lees
Mrs Debbie Louis Secondary School -Grace Howard

Mrs Linda Piddick (Piano and Vocal) Novice Competitor - Ofeli Gamage

Rowena Turner (Woodwind) (13 years and Under)Rachel Melville

Lions Club of the Callide Valley (Woodwind/Brass), 14 years and Over Daniel Heit

2018 Banana Shire Musician - Donated by Camerata, Queensland Chamber Orchestra - Lucy Johnston


Highest Aggregate Points


Vocal/Speech and Drama

Datar Family, 11–13 yearsno eligible 11-13 years - awarded to William Lees (10 years)


Instrumental/Speech and Drama

Mrs Norma Simms Memorial Perpetual Trophy - Most Promising Junior Performer of the two disciplines  -               12 years and under William Lees




Perpetual Trophy


Sharon Wilson TAP Appreciation:   Halle Salisbury


Dawn Davis CLASSICAL BALLETKatarina Perkins