Biloela Eisteddfod Schedules

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2020SpecialRulesMusic2 (PDF)

2020MusicSectionsList2 (PDF)

2020MusicAwards (PDF)

Trinity College London syllabus for set vocal solo 11 years and above. Trinity College London Syllabus

2020MusicOwnChoiceAndCopyrightForms (PDF)

APRAAMCOSForm5Accompanist (PDF)

Speech and Drama - Biloela Eisteddfod Speech and Drama Schedule

2020SpeechDramaSpecialRules2 (PDF)

2020SpeechAndDramaSectionsList2 (PDF)

2020SpeechAndDramaAwards (PDF)

2020SpeechAndDramaSetVerse (PDF)

2020SpeechAndDramaOwnChoiceAndCopyrightForms (PDF)

Dance Schedule Biloeola Eisteddfod Dance Schedule

2020DanceSpecialRules (PDF)

2020DanceSectionsList2 (PDF)

2020DanceAwards (PDF)

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