Sponsor Biloela Eisteddfod

Sponsorships of trophies, bursaries, awards, sponsorships, prize money by private citizens, local and corporate businesses, Service Clubs and organizations is a much-valued asset of the Eisteddfod and is acknowledged in every instance in the programme, schedule and by announcers at each session during the Eisteddfod.

Eisteddfod Society welcomes new sponsorships.  Please contact us if you would like to be involved in this way.

  • Volunteers
  • Monetary Donations/Trophies
  • Bursaries/Awards


Our volunteers work in a very friendly atmosphere and mostly like to work on sessions in which they have a personal interest.  As far as possible, tasks are allocated to suit the individuals skills and preferences and the hours they are available to commit – 3 sessions per day / 3 hours duration.

Tasks include:

  1. Scribe –  act as Adjudicator’s assistant writing comments on Adjudication Slips as dictated to by Adjudicator,  ensuring own Choice selections are ready and in order for each performer . This allows the Adjudicator to focus on the performance rather than paperwork.  (some adjudicators like to dictate notes other prefer to do their own writing on Adjudication Slips)
  2. Merit – entering results in Merit Book, Prize Cards and organise Trophies for sections in current session.
  3. Marshall – work backstage,  organising competitors before their performance.
  4. Announcer – Announce sections for current session.
  5. Door – Sale of tickets, programmes and takes enquiries at the door.
  6. Typing – Prize Cards

Blue Card

All members of the Eisteddfod Committee and Volunteers working backstage are required to hold a Queensland Government ‘Blue Card’.


If you are interested in offering a Trophy and/or a Monetary Donation for any unsponsored sections, please download the Trophy/Monetary Donation Form and post to: Biloela Eisteddfod Society Inc. OR e-mail us: biloelaeisteddfod@bigpond.com.  We thank you for your support.

Trophy Co-ordinator
Biloela Eisteddfod Society Inc.
PO Box 27


Austin Family

Adornato Law
Biloela & District Band
Amy & Zoe Biggs
Biloela Eisteddfod Society
Mrs Jenny Black (Memorial)
Mrs Kay Breeze
Maureen Brown (Memorial)
Callide Valley Lions Club
Casey Family
Mr & Mrs Tom Chalk
Mr & Mrs Vincent Corfield
Anna & Tim Boyd

Donohoe  Family                                                
Bill & Mercia Giles
Fraser Family
Grffiths Family
Mrs Norma Heit

Mrs Dell Hodgson
Mrs Gwen Jensen
Kerr Family
Mrs Janice Lobegeiger
Mrs Deb Louis
Mrs Rhana Maher
Mr & Mrs Neil Manwaring
McCarthy Family

Mrs Pat McVeigh (Memorial)
Pearce Family                                                       
Karen Petersen and Karah Bailey
Mr & Mrs John Rathjen
Ms Allison Robins
Mr & Mrs Ray Robins
Jeff & Amanda Rose
Mrs Gaye Saunders
Laura Semple
Mrs M G Semple (Memorial)
Mr & Mrs S. Semple
Mrs Julie Setch
Mrs Glenys Shepherdson
Simms Family
Mrs Janette Townsend                                            
Mr & Mrs G. Turner
Mr & Mrs Len & Carol Van Mol (Memorial)
Mr & Mrs Len and Lita Van Mol (Memorial)
Warren Family
Warry Family
Mrs Julie Watson
Witham Family 


Perpetual Trophies

Mr & Mrs Stan Baldwin
Karah Bailey

Biloela Branch of Arts Council
Biloela Coaches (Mrs Mavis Hill Memorial)
Biloela Eisteddfod Society
Ms Lindie Brengman
Centre De Danse Boutique
Chalk Family
Ms Rebecca Clarke
Marina Corfield (Memorial)
Datar Family

Mrs Dawn Davis
Mrs Dianne de Git
Mr Keith Delelande (Memorial)
Mr Jeremy Hartmann (Memorial)
Kirwan Family
Mrs Lenette Lees

Moura School of Ballet
Mrs Margaret Muir Appreciation

Mrs Pat McVeigh (Memorial)
Miss Kelly Nettle (Memorial)
Ms Karen Petersen

Mrs Heather Petersen Appreciation

Ms Katarina Perkins
Mr & Mrs Warwick Power

Alan & Isobel Rideout
Rodda Family
Amanda & Jeff Rose

George & Laurel Rowe Appreciation
Schmidt Family
Mrs M Shepherdson (Memorial)
Mrs M Shepherdson
Mrs A.C Shepherdson Appreciation

Simms Family
Tebby Sisters
Margaret Vaughan (Memorial)
Mrs Madge Wilson (Memorial)                                       Sharon Wilson Appreciation


Bursaries and Awards


Callide Valley Toyota, Biloela
Mrs Annette Chalk
Lions Club of the Callide Valley (Bille Brown Memorial) Lions Club of the Callide Valley
Mrs Debbie Louis
Mrs Pat McVeigh (Memorial)  
Mrs Linda Piddick                                
Tebby Sisters
Thangool Amateur Players
Miss Rowena Turner


Mrs Tanya Belousoff
Biloela Arts Council Inc
Biloela Eisteddfod Society Inc
Biloela Music Teachers Association
Centre De Danse Boutique
Glady Davern (Memorial)
Casey Family                                                               Karla's Dance Collective
Mrs Fiona Hayward                                                          Kerr Brothers                                                               Louis Family                                               
Mrs Jennifer Pierce (nee Thompson)                                    Dennis & Jill Reimer
Dr Kristy Richardson (nee Thompson)
Rodda Family
Mrs Amanda Rose
Rotary Club of Biloela
Mrs Julie Setch
Mr & Mrs T. Sullivan
Aimee & Kaitlyn Tebby

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